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"Obsessed with the idea of retrieving a powerful artifact known as the Talisman of Certainty, the King Arthus has called all the adventurers of Albhain. Cajoled with promises of fame and glory, you take your shield and sword and head off to a distant land, where a perilous expedition awaits!"

Heroic Tale is an “arguably not very long for the genre standards”, party-based dungeon crawler inspired particulary by Wizardry, Etrian Odyssey and other classics such as Shining in the Darkness, although it uses an overhead rather than a first-person perspective. It was made over the course of a month mostly for fun, and ended up becoming the first project I ever managed to finish!

Taking place solely within the walls of an old forgotten dungeon, the player needs to explore every inch of this cursed place to learn how to proceed forward while meeting new allies and battling enemies along the way.

Each character has his own weapon style, which defines his way of fighting the numerous foes the heroes will encounter. The dungeon might be dangerous and unforgiving at times, but fantastic treasures can be found either from monsters or hidden in the different rooms that comprise every level.

  • Delve into the dungeon in order to find the Talisman of Certainty.
  • Challengue unique monsters with different deadly skills.
  • Find new allies to help you overcome new obstacles and enemies.
  • Discover powerful weapons and armors to help you improve your characters.
  • Be ready to take on mighty bosses awaiting on every level.
  • Average Play Time: 45 Minutes ~ 1 Hour

Release date Jul 30, 2018
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(5 total ratings)
GenreRole Playing
Made withRPG Maker
TagsDungeon Crawler, Fantasy, Loot, Male protagonist, Pixel Art, Retro, RPG Maker, Short, Singleplayer
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Gamepad (any)
LinksHomepage, Twitter, YouTube


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I bested the dungeon and found the talisman of certainty!! Truly... a HEROIC TALE!


Ahhh, what a surprise! Well done! ^^ Hope you had a nice time with it, really!!


this is a really solid first project and your art style is really cool, great job !! 


Oh! Thank you so much B.!! It gives me hope after all these years of procrastination! :D


i'm glad it does !! i've been procrastinating for years on my own rpg project, seems like it happens to everyone unfortunately 

Oh yeah, it happens or has happened to mostly everyone I know, but so can be said of any creative process. We just have to keep at it! ^^


yo, I am on the securely locked door at the forth or so floor.
broke my old key, searched everything but found no new key.
so I'm stuck.
What should I do now? :-/

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Hey ^densch!

I believe you meant the "securely locked cell", on the third floor. You don't need a key, but rather a different item that can be found on that level, a "Barrel Bomb". It's located in a chest blocked by some roots, so you will need to to backtrack a bit after the Vicar joins the party, as you need him to take the plants away!


yeah, just found it.
Made it to the next floor however due to the key breaking in the floor above, I cant open any of the boxes.
Will I find a new key on that same floor?

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The fourth floor plays a bit different, as you will meet a NPC who will give you another item to open those boxes, although it isn't a key!


nice. found the final boss even though he is quite hard :-)

Glad you made it that far! :) Equipping "jewelry" on the characters, like the "Might Wristband" that the lycanthropes drop, does help protect you against magic spells. Hope it helps! ^^