Version - 0.1.8 (DEMO) is up!

Finally, after taking a bit longer than I anticipated, here's the demo for GeaSaga! ^^ Some areas are not yet included, so expect the game to be much less limited/lineal in regards of exploration. What is here, though, is presented as close as it will be in the complete release. The demo takes aproximately 45 minutes, depending on your playstyle.

The following maps are included:

  • Cirhena: B2
  • Town: Rhein
  • Dungeon: Rhein's Well
  • Dungeon: Legacy Cave


Although the game will start up in fullscreen, you can (and I strongly recommend) play it in windowed mode by selecting "Screen Mode" in the System option of the main menu (that you can access by pressing ESC, like in any other RPG Maker game that I'm aware) This will prevent some graphic glitches on Windows Systems post XP.

As this game is made on a reaaally old engine, you will likely get an error the first time you run the game on Windows 10. If that's the case, try launching Windows 10 Compatibility Mode. That sorted it on my end.

Thank you so much for those trying the game and please, feel free to leave any kind of feedback/report any issues or bugs. ^^


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Apr 21, 2019

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